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Walkera Ladybird silverxxxed

I digged out that little guy. He was only sitting around, because binding with the TX was always luck-dependant. Perhaps a broken layer on the FC?

Anyway, I had to resurrect him!

  • Weight is 25g without battery
  • Flight time with a little weak 333mAh mylipos amazing 7 minutes!
  • Motors 7×20


Some might not see any difference...


...but that is not an original propeller, is it? So let's remove the Canopy!


A red board? Yeah! I added a H101 FC to it!


I had to cut down the edges to fit under the Canpy. That causes losing the LEDs.
But not a big deal: Stock   FC also has a small LED on the top of the Board only...


OK, the Cap is a little large, but was the only one with enough capacity I had laying around... Doesn't
matter, It's not that heavy...


2mm Goldies for better Battery connection and more "punch". Unfortunately my batteries got weak a little
while laying around, too...


I let him the stock 7x20 motors. They are already run for several hours, but doing full and half flips is
not a problem, also flying inverted is very cool as because of the heavy motors far away from center, It
flies a bit more chilled. That is cruising


I recently exchanged the stock ladybird motors with some Syma X5C motors. They stay direct driven, The shaft is 1mm, the Pinion can easily be removed using a tweezer or something. Furthermore, I use XK X100 propellers for 3D, they push 90Gramms all together with a 260mAh battery.

With stock Ladybird props, I get over 110g of thrust, that's around 3.5 thrust/weight ratio!

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