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Silverware FC


- 20x20mm board with 16x16mm holes
- Powerd by an STM32F030F4P6 (same as H8mini Blue board, BWHOOP B03, Eachine E011 and similar)
- MPU 6050 Gyro
- NRF24L01 Radio Chip onboard
- S.Bus receiver supported
- Directly usable for 1-3S Lipos, for >3S a BEC (e.g. from ESC) is required
- 2 Spare out
- Full Bayang telemetry support (reporting Battery voltage, rf strength) on Devo / Jumper T8SG TX , possible also for Multimoduled Frsky TX

This FC is based on an idea of Ian444, who is the head behind that project. The developmental history can be read in CG023 acro thread

RCGroups Thread for Silverware FC

Thanks to all that brought in their ideas, had thoughts and made this thing happen

Special Thanks to BitViper for the PCB design!

Schematics and Links to the board & part list can be found here. Get started, (but for now, do that on your own risk )!

Needed changes of Bwhoop-B03 Silverware to work with SilverwareFC elaborated by Ian444



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