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H8 Mini

H8 mini

The H8 mini, branded by multiple constructors notably Eachine and JJRC, was one of the very first toy quads to be hacked in order to introduce an accro mode, thus leading to the creation of Silverware. It has the reputation to fly pretty well while being dirt cheap.

The H8mini has an impressively long thread on rcgroups centralizing the discussions about it.

Despite the external look of these quads that doesn't seem to have changed notably since the first releases, multiple versions were sold using internally different hardware. Some of them could be compatible with Silverware and some are not.

Here is an as-exhaustive-as-possible list of the boards we can find shipped on these little quads by chonological order:

  • The green board (not sold anymore): Known to be flashable using the h8mini-acro or the h8mini-dual versions of the firmware.
  • The blue board (not sold anymore): Known to be flashable using the H8mini_blue_board version.
  • The new blue board (still sold as far as we know, hard to distinguish from the old blue board): Not flashable.
  • The red board (still sold as far as we know): Known to be a variant of the board used in the H8S 3D and the Floureon H101. Is flashable using the H101-dual version.

At the time of writing (Feb 2020), if you order one of these quads you should randomly get a new blue board or a red board.

Also, multiple users reported that the mode 1 version of the transmitter sold with the H8 mini was in fact a mode 3 transmitter. There is a method to convert it to mode 1

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