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Boldclash BWHOOP B-03 / pro

As of the large interest in this little quad, it gets his own page here.


Silverware natively supports this quad now - there are even precompiled images that can be flashed via STLink-Utility, which avoids the “Keil-Bug”. Perfect for people that just want to try Silverware but don't want to tinker around with the whole Build environment.

Watch Boldclash**bwhoop B-03 opensource firmware** thread on RCGroups for furter informations and how to flash Silverware to the quad.

If you like how the quad flies with Silverware, you may want to tweak the quad to your personal favours and unleash the whole potential of Silverware. Watch Silverxxx' Blog how to.

The “pro” version of the BWHOOP B-03 is also directly compatible with Silverware! It has a TX with normal (not centered) throttle and no altitude hold (no barometer). It's motors are also slightly faster, not only because they have red plugs, either.

Altitude Hold version of the firmware.

Furthermore, there are some copies of the BWhoop Board out there:

  • FuriBee H801 (with barometer)
  • “Santa Whoop” JJRC H67/Eachine E011C (like Bwhoop pro, without barometer)
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