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Note: the board pads are not designed for mechanical support, it's best to use a wire size that will break before the pad will. Attaching a solid part to the pad with no other support can result in the pad ripped from the board after a crash.

Flashing port examples

Male 2.54cm header.


Female 2.54cm header.

User commentsUser comments

Picoblade connector.


Solid wire (24gauge?).


CG023 FC with silverxxx firmware on a 110mm brushless quad


h8s-3d, using a 2mm round pin female micro connector

nothing of the connector is outside the shell, so hopefully this, and being on the side of the machine renders it “safe” from impact

the final two photos also show the power lead out for akk bs2 camera (whoopin' it up ! )


h8 mini with blue board (note that the clk and dat pads are incorrectly labelled on the board : they are reversed)

using the same female micro connector as for the h8s-3d; both connect to the ST-link v2 with the same modified servo plug > male micro connector, with ground plug closest to the rear (near the battery “hatch”)

initial solderingsecured with epoxy and microballoonsfinished portand again; depron plugs over led's act as diffusers to improve visibility

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