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Note: H101 model files are backwards compatible with other Silverware quads, just the 3D throttle stuff needs to be disabled/ignored


H8 mini

Model file for H8mini dual mode firmware posted by syvic

Model file for H8mini dual mode firmware posted by WardoMon


Model file for H101 dual mode firmware with 3D throttle enabled posted by SirDomsen

Another one with 3D throttle, posted by HappyHarry

for inverted controls like on a CP-Heli comment in


Devo 7e with Switchmod

Devo 7E model file with switchable stagility/rattitude mode by RCGroups user Markus Gritsch

He got inspired by Mike Meyer and added stagility/rattitude/horizon mode to his Devo 7E model file. It requires a modded Devo 7E with two additional 3x switches.

0: normal
1: sticky throttle hold (see for more info)

0: linear positive throttle over the full stick range
1: positive throttle only in the upper stick range halve
2: inverted throttle in the lower stick halve, normal throttle in the upper stick halve – CP heli trainer

0: level/angle mode, linear roll and pitch
1: stagility/rattitude/horizon mode (change threshold on Ch10, Page 2)
2: rate/acro mode, expo on the roll and pitch channels

0: low rates
1: high rates

Throttle trim buttons are used to turn the LEDs on/off

H101/H8mini model file & config.h

DEVO 7 with Goebish's NRF24_multipro

link to Goebish's Code

Inverted Flight like a CP-heli!!

Download DEVO7 model file

You have to assign the Channels in Bayang.ino (multimodule Arduino-Sketch) to be as follows:

packet[2] = GET_FLAG(AUX3, BAYANG_FLAG_FLIP)            //Assignment for Devo7 + Silverware
                | GET_FLAG(AUX1, BAYANG_FLAG_RTH)
                | GET_FLAG(AUX6, BAYANG_FLAG_SNAPSHOT)  //Not assigned in available in DEVO 7
                | GET_FLAG(AUX5, BAYANG_FLAG_VIDEO);
      packet[3] = GET_FLAG(AUX4, BAYANG_FLAG_INVERT)

H101 has to be configured as descripted here


H101 model file for using H101 as a CP-Heli Trainer posted by SirDomsen

Hints for DIY model files

watch the config.h section

H8 icons for Devo


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