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Sbus input

Sbus is an additional input type currently added to the bwhoop code only ( stm32 ). The pin used is one of the programming pins, SWCLK. That means the programming can only be done at powerup, during gyro calibration, or first 2 seconds, whichever is longer

The input pin supports both 3.3v and 5v, which should work with most SBUS receivers available. After signal is detected, the firmware waits for zero throttle for approximately 1 second before accepting the signal. Failsafe is set at 1 second of no signal, internal failsafe of the quad is used, which sets throttle to zero.

To activate sbus input, enable the line “ #define RX_SBUS” in the protocol section of config.h


The current scaling is calculated to correspond with taranis settings on 100% limits. Higher limits will also be recognized, but the throttle active range will shrink as well. For other radios the range is 988 - 2012 uS, 1500 center.


Although some checks are made, the SBUS input could possible be decoded incorrectly; it's recommended to test the quad first in a safe manner, to make sure the channel order is correct ( especially throttle ). The correct order is AETR. One may also check the failsafe function at this point, by turning the tx off, while throttle is up.

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