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Welcome to Silverware wiki

This Wiki should introduce and help in and on a project, RCGroups user silverxxx has started in september 2015. Have a nice reading!

Feel free to leave a comment right at the bottom of the start page.

To quick start, there is a readme in this Wiki that provides a short overview of what Silverware is capable of and how to use it.


  • Acro mode
  • Level mode (switchable via TX channel or gestures, using stock TX)
  • Altitude Hold on Bwhoop B03 / FuriBee H801 boards
  • Telemetry via Bluetooth using SilverVISE
  • Telemetry using a DEVO and Bayang Telemetry Protocol (Telemetry support since the December '16 nightly builds of Deviation)
  • Telemetry using Taranis/9X/TH9X
  • Brushless motor Driver supporting PWM, PPM, Oneshot and DShot
  • Inverted flight capabilities on Floureon H101 / Eachine H8Sand on brushless
  • Well suitable for custom builds, such as different frames, larger motors, Hexas, brushless. Most compatible boards are known to drive 8520 coreless motors without issues
  • PIDs tunable and storable via TX gestures
  • Switchable output to switch 'something' on and off during flight via TX (e.g. FPV gear)
  • Buzzer support for lost quad detection
  • 2S support for the green and blue H8 boards (don't use 1S brushed motors! For brushless only recommended, you might fry the FETs otherwise!Fried a H8mini_blue FC recently myself - perhaps not every batch is able to support 2S. So be WARNED!
  • S.BUS input support
  • DSM(X) Satellite support
  • Graupner SUMD support
  • Silverware Brushless boards: Dedicated Brushless Silverware FC, Ian444's Silverlight FC
  • Auto-Bind feature: bound once, no need to rebind after battery change. UsageLimitations
  • Silverware especially designed for Whoop style quads:NotFastEnuf's Fork
  • Silverware especially designed for brushless:Yets' Fork

The quads everything started with

H8 minih8_3d_mini.jpgbwhoop.jpgi.ytimg.com_vi_bg90oyntdik_maxresdefault.jpg

To get you an idea how to flash the boards, just watch the following videos

GigaDevice Boards (H8mini green boards and H8S red boards):

STM32 Boards ( all other )

\\    \\  ==== Silverware in RCGroups ====

Do you have questions? Feel free to ask in one of those threads!

Where to buy stuff?

We all no doubt know the joys of the slow boat from China but hey they are cheap and available at Banggood

If you have additional infos, suggestions or just want to tell us something, please leave a comment

Smithd391, 2017/10/07 00:18

I just couldn't depart your site before suggesting that I actually enjoyed the standard information a person provide for your visitors? Is gonna be back often in order to check up on new posts bckeagdfkfdeeebd

Ian444, 2017/12/25 21:15

Hi SirDomsen, I like this suggestion box! Thanks for adding keil bug page, it will help when the Silverware FC gets built.

A couple of suggestions: 1. Silverxxx's page that he wrote recently explaining config.h or general overview or something, I cannot find it now, maybe the link to it disappeared? 2. Down the left hand side of the start page, some headings are are in colour black and some are in blue, could you make them all black please?

Thanks for all this, Ian.

Sir Domsen, 2017/12/25 22:45, 2017/12/25 22:46

Thanks for the first (real) post here, Ian!

1. Done, link had disappeared somehow - thanks for finding! 2. Only possible, if I kill the links these blue headings include. I'd rather have one colour also but I think that's not possible. I already played with the thought to eliminate the links as the linked pages are more or less the same as the sidebar content (it's a leftover before the sidebar). What do you think?

Ian, 2017/12/29 02:10

If the blue headings contain a link that is not included below it, you could add a new link under it. For example, the “Brushless Setup” link could be replaced with a new addition below it named “Brushless overview”. Then the link from the “Brushless Setup” would not be needed. That is how I would do it. Some of them would be OK as they are because the main link is covered by the items below it.

Could we also have a black heading for the new silverware FC about to come into existence, the DIY one? Maybe, “DIY Silverware FC”?


Nur Rochim, 2018/01/10 08:43

Support eachine E013?

Sir Domsen, 2018/01/10 10:20

Most likely not, because if I can trust the Photos from the board in the net, it uses an incompatible MCU - sorry

bangkong, 2018/01/13 09:11, 2018/01/17 12:54

Thank you so much for sharing this great blog.Very inspiring and helpful too.Hope you continue to share more of your ideas.I will definitely love to read

Milner, 2018/01/22 05:06

Is it possible to flash the board (if you have physical access to the data pins) with the motors still attached, or will they interfere?

I have tried a board but it wouldn't connect. I had the motors still attached because they are soldered on, no connectors. Want to avoid having to resolder the tiny wires if it wasn't the issue.

Sir Domsen, 2018/01/22 09:39

For sure, motors can be left on. You need to power the board (which board btw?) by battery, then connect using STLink utility/Keil (assuming you're on Windows)

Milner, 2018/01/22 10:17

Its an E011 board if I remember correctly. It has been maybe four months since I set this aside after I couldn't get it to connect.

I've run through the different sequences layed here without luck:

I am using STLink/Keil, though I am not familiar with them. I have never done anything outside of Arduino/Teensy so I havn't delved into the available linux tools, though I'd prefer to use those if there were a breakdown of the steps for a dummy who doesn't have the time to learn all the ins and outs of it.

Milner, 2018/01/22 12:12

So, I feel a bit foolish for not assuming the worst.

The pinout on the programmer I have has two rows of pins, and the top one is labeled with the pins of the bottom row. I figured why not just throw caution to the wind and start plugging things in where they don't belong. That worked.

If your device won't connect, the pinout on the *PROGRAMMER* might be wrong too (not just on the board). Try the pins on the top AND bottom row, and save yourself.

scruffy1, 2018/03/01 03:30

the wiki is a great source ! for some noobie information and direction to hardware that will assist your journey, my blog post on it may help :

Paolo, 2018/03/12 08:22

Hi guys, what firmware for betafpv silverware FC???

Sir Domsen, 2018/04/19 13:00, 2018/10/10 12:40

Bwboop B03 from Silver13 GitHub page or NFE'S fork, see links section and downloads section

Ernesto, 2018/07/10 18:16

Hi. I have two blue h8 boards, one with betafpv716 17500kv motors, h8 propellers and chassis and 300mah 30c batteryS. The other with betafpv motors 720,17500kv, 55mm propellers and 500mAh 30c batteries (both with fpv camera) I use my fsi6 with multiprotocol. Both fly well with the config.h and pid by default, except that the engines get very hot. the one of engines 716 already to a motor burned in a short time and I do not know if it is by the pids, by the configuration pwm or another thing. If you can advise me with some changes in config.h for each case I thank you. Greetings and

Christophe, 2018/04/04 18:04

Hi Some notes for silverware E011 (and others probably) flash on linux

Thanks to everyone who made this possible Christophe

Alan, 2018/04/15 17:21
Hi,the project is really great! I am just thinking about is it possible to have RC car firmware support to JJRC H67 board ? If there's RC car or boat firmware , then the board can be multifunctional . Anyone knows where I can find thread about it? (I don't mean the 4 brushed motor boat project , it would be better to use one channel to move forward /backward, one channel for left/right. )
ari safari, 2018/09/13 06:11

hi, need help I just flash my e011 board with nfe-silverware-master, all succes when flashed, but when started to arming the quad its spinned, yawing faster, is there something that missed or wrong with my set up, thanks for reply

Sir Domsen, 2018/09/18 22:41

You probably set the prop spinning direction wrongly? Try #define invert_yaw_pid

martijn dekker, 2018/09/18 20:50


I bought a new E011 board '2017-08-09' from banggood. And have stlink and Keil working. Can flash without errors. But I can't get it to bind with the stock transmitter (E011) nor my taranis IrangeX multimodule. Both work fine with with the stock firmware. I am definitely doing something wrong. But can't figure out what. I tried both Silverware and the NotFastEnuf fork. To check whether the board is not broken I flashed the original firmware in in the /bin folder. This still works as expected. What could I do wrong?

Sir Domsen, 2018/09/18 22:42

you probably set the wrong (telemetry?) protocol in config.h?

Matt, 2018/10/31 13:50

Hi, I was just curious if anyone ever considered leaving the speaker on the santawhoop and changing the tunes it plays. I obviously de-soldered the speaker as the 1st thing as all of you guys did, but is there an option to actually keep this feature by some code tweaks even after Silverware flash?

I am now looking at the extracted original firmware to see if it can be modified somehow, although we only have a .hex file of this, right? Just curious about this (and yes, I just want to play “I believe I can fly” and figured you guys might point me onto the right path!) and I realize this is fairly complex and specific :D.

Anyhow, I appreciate all the work and forks and mods and tunes you guys have made, keep it up! It really is some great stuff.


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