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 ==== Gestures ==== ==== Gestures ====
-  * PID Tuning: some gestures have been swapped in comparison to other silverware branches: UDD switches to the next column and UDU to the next row +When you are used to use other silverware branches, please note that the gestures for PID tuning are swapped. 
-  LRUreboot flight controller (nice when otherwise one would unplug and replug the battery) + 
-  LRDswitch to DFU mode (nice if the BOOT button is mechanically hard to reach after installing the FC into a quad)+|LRU|reboot flight controller| 
 +|LRD|switch to DFU mode
 +|LLU|switch to motors test mode| 
 +|LLD|exit motors test mode| 
 +|UUU|toggle autobind flag (remember to save with DDD)| 
 +|UDD|switch to the next PID column| 
 +|UDU|switch to the next PID row| 
 +|DDD|save configuration| 
 ==== Motors test mode ==== ==== Motors test mode ====
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